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engineerThe AEGEAN DIVING COLLEGE (ADC) was formed in 1998 - the Year of the Oceans - by Peter Nicolaides, a professional diver, Biologist-Oceanographer and Offshore Engineer.  Following high-school in Athens College he went on to complete his B.Sc. (Hons.) in Marine Biology and Hyperbaric Physiology at Queen Elizabeth / King`s College, University of  London.  After gaining professional experience in the Mediterranean, Red and North Seas he continued into Postgraduate Studies in Offshore Engineering - M. Sc. (U/W Science and Technology).


Since 1977 he has been operating SST Maritime (Subsea Scientific & Technical), a company involved in coastal and offshore engineering.Both SST and ADC carry out marine research projects with the University of Athens (Dept. of Marine Biology & Dept. of Post-Graduate Oceanography),the University of the Aegean (Dept. of Marine Science) and the University of Patras (Rio-Antirrio Project), Oceanographical Institutes (National Centre for Marine Research), Government Agencies (Public Power Corporation-National Telecommunications Organization, Ministry of Public Works) involving energy and communication cables, platforms, pipelines, sewage treatment works as well as major marine construction projects.