Since its introduction into the Mediterranean

Kankusta Duo Forte
CaulerpaIt is particularly helpful if you can give us the following information: Exact location and depth of Caulerpa taxifolia found, type of substrate (sand, rock, Posidonia meadows etc.) and approximate surface area occupied by the plant. 
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Since its introduction into the Mediterranean in 1984, the surface area colonized by Caulerpa taxifolia has increased constantly. The situation as of 1st July 1997: There are already 5 countries that are affected (Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Croatia) with more than 70 known locations of contamination and more than 3000 hectares already colonized.  There is no reason to assume that the progression of this seaweed is likely to slow down! Accidentally introduced into the sea in Monaco in 1984, the green hybrid tropical seaweed Caulerpa taxifolia spread rapidly along the Mediterranean coast. It possesses certain unique characteristics (resistance to cold, gigantism, vigour of development, approx. 20mm per 24 hours, density, ecological dominance etc.) that have never been observed in populations of this kind, or in other seaweeds introduced in the Mediterranean. 

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